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At the present moment, there are two companies included in corporation "FT Group" .These are trade manufacturing company   "Agro-FT", transport company  "FTrans" and the manufacturing company  "Vyshevichi Agrotehnika" .
Vyshevichi AgrotechnicaThe basic direction of activity of the company is manufacture of devices and mechanisms for agriculture. At the moment the company makes 15 kinds of machines for soil cultivation on  technology of conservation of energy: disks harrow  heavy and needle, cultivators, units soil-cultivating,  flat cut broad-cut.

At the enterprise 70 kinds of spare parts to the soil-cultivating and collective technique are made: including regiments, shares, field boards to ploughs for PLN; PYA; gear wheels and asterisks to forage collective technique, shaft and gear wheels to grain of combines SK - 5. Disks arrow have passed the state tests and have the conformity certificate. 
The industrial company "Vyshevichi Agrotechnica"

 Private firm "Agro-FT" is a trustworthy company from Ukraine, which satisfies all demands of the modern society by high- quality local and import fruits and vegetables all the year long. The main type of  PF "Agro-FT"  activity is storage, keeping custody, pre-sale preparation and further realization, delivery of fruits, vegetables, berries. All the products sold by our company are presented according to the certificates. The assortment of goods is constantly expanding. In stock there are such kinds of products as potatoes, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, onions, apples, pears.
 Trade manufacturing company Franko-terminal Ltd

The main type of   "FTrans" activity is passengers’ carriage by “Mercedes Benz” all over Ukraine. Such constituents are stopped up in basis of work of company, as: comfort, safety, service and quality.

We created comfort and safe terms for carrying passengers and work so that satisfied, foremost, there were our clients!  Every order settles accounts individually in obedience to Your queries and wishes, the story and discount systems of discounts operate.
 Transport company FTrans
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  23 jan 2021 (day, 14:00):
  Temperature: 5..7°C
  Atm. press.: 755..757 mm/m
  Wind: s-e 6..8 m/s
  Rel. humid.: 93..95%
  cloudy without precipit.

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