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Planning is a set of actions, such as research, analytics, etc., with the purpose of a finding of a complex of the decisions directed on achievement of the purposes of any person, the organization, of some the organizations or all citizens and the organizations in region, the country or in the world. Planning covers all the major sites of activity of the enterprise to focus them on achievement of objects in view. Planning has arisen in the end of the nineteenth century for designing or a redesign of spatial constructions.

There is also later tradition of planning originating of large-scale economic planning. Cares of development of geographical space, creation of physical designs and an industrial output have tendencies to orientation on end results. The plan gives the description of construction of new configurations, the industrial purposes which should be reached, or plan of the next military campaign.

The commercial success of the enterprise and, finally, its life completely depend on return of the enclosed means through sale of goods, hence, from efficiency of its marketing activity which main task is research and is possible fuller operation of the market. Therefore, alongside with the finance, marketing at the enterprise also carries out one of the major functions. Effective planning is a planning which promotes the changes leading to progress. Many actions approach under this definition. Some of them - small-scale and trivial, others - grandiose.

When the purposes are well clear and certain, when everyone knows how to reach them when there is a consensus about the further actions, planning can lead to changes, important and significant. Planning is possible, if there is no control over its performance. It loses sense if the plan is not carried out if work on scheduling is made all for nothing or is conducted very badly. Value of planning in the big degree depends on an opportunity of realization of the plan, but the opportunity of realization is defined by the purposes and actions of the person.

In a basis of the final plan obtained data and the forecast of selling for prospect are put. Selling is planned on months and weeks. If tendencies to redistribution it is possible to take advantage as a basis of time distribution of selling in the past are not shown. Thus the annual quantity is accepted to 100 %, and monthly turns pay off as a part of an annual turnover. This annual plan influences the plan of manufacture for process of manufacture proceeds, as a rule, in parallel selling.

For the best control the plan of selling is made on the basis of the same methods, as statistics of selling. After development the plan in quantity indicators is carried out calculation of cost indexes, thus usually start with the average prices.

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