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At various stages of development of economy preconditions of creation of the effective corporate environment were pawned, but at the same time there were certain contradictions in systems of corporate management with which it is necessary to deal in practice and now. Each stage personifies a new stage of understanding the country leaders of economic problems and manufactures of ways of their decision, therefore borders of stages are conditional and can be shifted in any side according to applied criteria. Besides the industry in Ukraine has appeared and the bank and insurance capital has started to develop.

There were first tools of accumulation of the capital. The certain corporate style of mutual relations of separate structures, such, as the banking capital, the oil-and-gas enterprises and others when on change to the state controls the homing companies come has started to develop. Estrangement of the majority of the population from active processes of participation in management of the property, loss of workplaces and economic illiteracy have generated a uncooperative altitude to all processes of reforming of economy. During this period bases of the true corporationism among the new enterprise structures created by young businessmen at which was only two ways have been incorporated: or to enter into cooperation with former state structures, or to oppose them with the civilized business based on experience of foreign corporations.

Already received qualitative foreign education has started to influence decisions made in corporations in spheres new to the Ukraine economy: in the financial and share market, in the market of obligations, in marketing, management. Active interosculation of the western and Ukraine corporations, teamwork in the Ukraine share market inevitably pushed the Ukraine corporations to understanding of features of corporate management. The basic weight of a problem of attraction of investments moves from the federal center on regions. Regional authorities pass local laws on education of insurance funds for attraction of investments, and object of sale and purchase according to the accepted regional laws becomes the ground and other objects of the real estate. Corporate management is under construction on basis of the fulfilled and effective norms in sphere of the finance, securities, managements, labour mutual relations, contract obligations, contractual activity, organizational structures, marketing.

At presence of base state documents and saved experience it is possible to build system of corporate relations at a level of concrete corporation, setting thus reference points for all Ukraine economy. In each concrete case the corporation on behalf of her maximum management makes a choice in favour of gradual inclusion of workers in system of business mutual relations in sphere of the property instead of rigid management of the hired personnel. It represents the major tendency in becoming and formation of normal corporate relations. Consumers which demand to itself the most steadfast attention from corporation. Without consumers the corporation cannot simply exist. Consumers wish to receive from it the qualitative goods and the services, the comprehensible prices, good service and truthful advertising.

If the corporation does not aspire to direct energies to satisfaction needs of consumers it can be named the main strategic miscalculation of corporation because of which failure both in long-term can comprehend it, and in the short-term period. It is caused by that the relation of a society to corporation is substantially formed in points of sale of the goods and services. Shareholders enter with corporation special relations: they do possible existence of corporation as suppliers of the brave capital necessary for its occurrence, development and growth. Interests of shareholders should be considered in all major actions of a society. That is, the corporate environment represents area of interaction of corporation as object with whom it can influence by virtue of the opportunities. All this makes rather important part of the corporate right which are of interest and for formed system of corporate mutual relations, developing in Ukraine. It is natural, that the western experience not panacea from all our problems.

With reference to the Ukraine conditions it is necessary to consider features both economic, and social development of a society, outlook of the majority of inhabitants, a level of readiness of our citizens to recognition of norms of corporate culture. Without such amendments the western recommendations on corporate management can seem luxury of businessmen, inapplicable to our reality. On the other hand, in these recommendations very strong collectivist spirit of socialism is looked through, that also promotes perception of the best and effective methods and systems a little. Successful financial activity of corporation is caused as duly and correct decisions of the maximum management in current work, and in questions of strategy which should be developed not only on the basis of internal conditions of corporation, but also in view of influence of the existing financial system which has developed in Ukraine at the given stage.

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