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Birth of creative corporation

The industrial corporation has historically arisen as the form adequately embodying features of industrial type of a facilities. During last century corporations gradually turned from the tool of capitalist compulsion to the associations pursuing not only cleanly economic, but also social purposes. It became especially appreciable from the middle of 60th years when the new technologies assumed decentralization quickly extended, a fragmentation of manufacture and demanded the workers, one of which major qualities is the expressed aspiration to autonomy. These changes have marked transition to system of the flexible specialization capable quickly to answer changing needs of the market and including such elements, as flexible employment, flexibility of volumes of manufacture, structure of the machine equipment, technological processes and organizational forms. But neither in 70, nor in 80th years the western corporation has not found qualitatively new shape.

That the industrial company has turned from "adaptive" corporation, to the company "creative", the processes which have made the most part of its personnel by workers, borrowed should come to the end with intellectual activity, on the one hand, with another - to be generated and take roots in a society as a whole and inside of the companies new valuable reference points of social interaction. New firms operate mainly in rather narrow sectors of the market, not only as much as possible answering needs of clients, but also forming their qualitatively new needs. In the USA where venture the capital is developed in a much greater degree, rather than in the Europe, successes of intellectually sated companies were showed from the beginning of expiring decade when share index NASDAQ began to advance confidently other exchange indexes, and 15 from 20 richest people of the United States per 1995 represented the companies which have arisen during last one - two tens years, - "Microsoft", "Metromedia", "Intell", "Oracle", "Viacom", "New World Communications" and others In the middle 90 boom was threw to the Europe: the volume venture the capital, increasing since 1973 in the EU countries for 35-45 percent annually, has reached almost 9 billion dollars in 1997.

In 1996 the European share index for the hi-tech companies, EASDAQ in which listing there were 26 companies in the total cost 12 billion dollars has been founded; growth of the European hi-tech index has made approximately on 100 percent both in 1997, and in 1998. If in 1996 three largest American automobile corporations - "General Motors", "Ford" and  "Chrysler " - applied in aggregate work 1,1млн. Workers also sold production on 372,5 billion dollars three leaders of the computer industry -"Intell", "Microsoft" и "Cisсo Systems" - had the personnel in 80 thousand person and provided a sales volume in 33,6 billion dollars thus total capitalization of the mentioned automobile companies made 103 billion dollars, and computer - 270 billion dollars In all these cases we see an example " transformations of corporate knowledge to value " which "is capable to create more effective markets".

The creative corporation differs from former organizational forms on a lot of parameters:

- it overcomes external features of economic feasibility and answers first of all to postmaterialistic aspirations and ideals of its founders;
- creative corporations are under construction around of the creative person, in this quality guaranteeing their stability and prosperity;
- creative corporation, as a rule, does not follow a current economic conjuncture, and forms her.

There is a set of other facts testifying to radical change of bases of a modern economic life in the countries of the West. Along with becoming of a new investment paradigm and formation of creative corporation it is necessary to mention occurrence of new models of competitive struggle, original methods of influence on behaviour of consumers, perfection of forms and methods of behaviour of the companies in the share market and so on. However all of them are, certainly, minor in comparison with the arisen opportunities of increase in investments due to that actual growth, that usually was considered as consumption, and development of the new corporate structures embodying originality and creative potential of their founders and the personnel. And here we see most evidences of that economic progress in modern conditions more and more obviously gets not economic character.

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